Saturday, September 21, 2013


Interrupting our FIAR updates to share one of the latest events around here:  T lost his first tooth! 

His left front bottom tooth had been loose and bothering him for a few days, but I was in denial that it was getting ready to come out soon.  T's too young to start losing teeth! I thought.  I kept telling him to stop wiggling it and it would stiffen back up.  But it was impossible to leave alone, and it fell out while he was eating an apple.  Thankfully he didn't swallow it.  He was really excited about being visited by the tooth fairy.  "I can't wait for my first money!" he told us.  It wasn't the first money he's received, but for some reason he seemed to think it was.  I guess he is five and a half, only about four months younger than K was when she lost her first tooth, so I shouldn't feel like this was unexpected.  He just seems so much younger than she was at her first tooth loss!  He looks so different with a gap in his mouth, older.

The same day, Baby M figured out how to get herself into a sitting position.

Having these two things happen on the same day left this mama feeling a wee bit emotional.  I'm afraid I sounded more mournful than joyful.  K asked me, "Why are you sad about your children learning new things?"  She was genuinely perplexed.
I looked at her.  She's growing up, too.

"You'll understand when you're a mom," I said.

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