Monday, October 28, 2013

Another Batch (mostly K and M)

~  Instead of cleaning or doing some other constructive chore, I sat and watched my baby play.  I'd turned on NPR and she was sitting in front of the stereo where American Roots was playing.  The syncopated rhythms of New Orleans funk rolling over her, she was perfectly content to play with a few assorted toys for 10-15 minutes.  Which is a long time for someone her age.

~  When M first started sitting up by herself  K exclaimed in surprise,  "Margaret is big baby now!" 

~  K:  "Margaret is so fun to watch.  She really knows how to cheer people up."  As M jerkily crawled about, found a toy, sat back and investigated it.

~  K chose The Story of Ruth for Daddy to read aloud before bed.  Said she tenderly as she took the book to him,  "It's such a sweet story."

~  Now M grasps my neck with her little arms when I pick her up.  Next she grabs a handful of hair and stuffs it in her mouth.

~  K:  "Mom!  Tobiah says I tattle!"

~  M is a paper junkie.  She has mastered the art of clamping down with her two sharp little bottom teeth on whatver magazine insert, forgotten catalogue, dropped Kleenex she happens upon, and rips off a piece to chew.  She turns away when she sees me coming to retrieve it.

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Joelle said...

HA! I laughed at the tattling comment! I can see Audrey doing that. Girls seem to naturally be little tattle tales, don't you think?

Glad you sat and watched Margaret play as you listened to the radio!

Start posting about your rows! :) I just did my first last night, and hoping to do another tonight or tomorrow!