Tuesday, May 12, 2015


This year I decided we ought to have our own Thanksgiving feast.  We did this when K was in kindergarten and the kids enjoyed it so much.  For some reason that was the only year we did this activity, and K and T didn't seem to remember it at all. 

It was a very simple celebration; we made Pilgrim hats for all of us- there was an extra girl one, so M was thrilled to wear one also.  I popped popcorn in the air popper while the kids excitedly watched, then we ate it picnic style on the floor.

A couple stuffed animals were recruited to be Indian guests.

The kids loved it, and the whole batch of popcorn was gone in a flash.  We will have to be sure to do this again next year.

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Dana said...

Well, there probably were sheep - and maybe nearby bears! - at the first Thanksgiving.

Great tradition.