Saturday, January 30, 2010

Smile Makers

1. An early morning and I was groggily making breakfast in the dark quiet house when K's plaintive voice called from her room: "I'm ready to start the day now!"

2. A warm cup of tea. I recently bought a Stash tea sampler and especially loved Ginger Peach Green Tea. I like the energizing, clarifying effect of ginger and it is nicely balanced by the soothing peach flavor.

3. Brent told T goodnight as he put him down in his crib for the night. As he walked from the room, T sleepily replied, "Buh-bye..{makes kissing sounds}..Buh-bye..{sings} Aaah-menn."

4. I recently read an article on aging that featured interviews with several centenarians. One busy 101 year old remarked "I always wake up with more than I can do." At first I wasn't sure if that gave me hope for the future--if someone 101 years old hasn't accomplished everything he wants to do, what chance is there for me? On the other hand, perhaps it means I can relax a bit--it will never all get done anyway, so I might as well relish what I am doing now.

5. Maybe, just maybe? we're getting closer to finding a house. We're starting to see more that we like, rather than ones we don't even want to talk about at all after we've toured them.

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Mindy said...

I hope you happen upon the perfect house soon!