Sunday, January 10, 2010


Brent recently had to get new glasses for reading. This was a little hard for T to take in. The first few days he wouldn't even look at Brent when he had them on. Then the other day as Brent wore his glasses while reading the paper, T just watched him, gripping my leg tightly. When Brent noticed, he took off the glasses and invited T over. Glad to have his daddy back, T went smilingly. However, after they had conversed a moment, Brent put the glasses back on and T immediately turned around so his back was to Brent and looked up at the ceiling with eyebrows raised. Made me laugh. A few minutes later, Brent persuaded T to play with him. He lifted him up over his head in a swing that T ordinarily loves. T liked it and laughed while sticking his legs straight out the way toddlers do, but he still would not look at Brent. He laughed and crowed with his face averted.

K is in a counting stage right now. What fun to count to 100. She is fascinated with numbers whose last digit is 9. What number comes next? Not only that, but she is multiplying. She is always asking us "How much is ___ sets of ___?" If we ask her if she knows, she stares off into the distance and counts it out. Somehow she has figured out 2 sets of 4 is 8, 3 sets of 5 is 15, and so on. She must have inherited her father's math gene. Rather frightening to her math-deficient mother. When she asked me what 13 sets of 13 was, I had to whip out a pencil and scrap of paper. With all the driving around looking at houses we've been doing, she's noticed that houses often have numbers on them. She's informed us that "Klussany's" house number is one-oh-two. Her house is purple.

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I'm a stay at home Mom as well - loving life with two little ones! Thanks for the inspiration!