Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Very Serious Fair Ride

This is a make-up post. I wanted to post it last summer but didn't get to it.
When we went to the county fair, K saw the kiddie rides and said she wanted to go on one of the "merry-go-rounds". We let her pick one, and once she got into her little car, she never cracked a smile. She seemed interested when she first climbed on, checking out her little car; but after that, she turned serious and simply observed closely what was happening around her. Even (especially) once the ride started going round and round, it was all concentration. T waved and laughed every time she passed by, but I don't think she really saw us. At the end, I called out for her to smile when I took her picture and got just the faintest hint of a half-smile.
Maybe next year she'll like it better.

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Mindy said...

I love that!