Saturday, January 29, 2011


We were invited to a Reformation party this year and all the children were encouraged to come dressed in medieval era clothes. I quickly found a way to make a Robin Hood type of costume for T, but as I procrastinated and didn't want to spend much on a princess costume for K, I found that to be a lot harder to put together. I found a Cinderella dress at the thrift store, but it didn't have sleeves and was very large. I thought I might be able to alter it into a nice costume, but as I have no sewing skills this was proving to be very difficult. Is it silly to get a wee bit stressed and pray about a princess costume? Well, I did, and lo and behold, about a week before the party B found a beautiful princess dress in K's favorite color at another thrift shop. The sales lady told him she had just put it out that morning. No adjustments were needed and it was even roomy enough for her to wear a coat under it for trick or treating on our street! I bought a headband at the dollar store, cinched it small enough to stay on K's head and wove some lavender ribbons through it. I also got some glittery tulle at the fabric store and altogether, I was pleased with the results.

Another picture. Big sisters can be a little bossy sometimes.

The party was fun and the children enjoyed learning about Martin Luther. It was so cute to see all the little knights, merry men and princesses running around. Wish we could have got a picture of all of them together. It was so nice to have something good to focus on, rather than the gimme and gruesomeness that Halloween has become. My favorite part was when all the families gathered in the living room, and accompanied by the oldest daughter on the piano, we sang hymns. Old and young voices alike, filling the room with song.

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