Monday, July 11, 2011

We Visit the Lavender Farm

On a Sunday in early July we packed up lunches and drove out to the lavender fields after church.  First we had a picnic under one of K's "favorite kind of trees--the ones with branches that hang down".  She doesn't seem to differentiate between weeping willow and birch, but gets excited about both.  You can just barely see one of the lavender fields behind the kids.

Photo op:

Swimming in a sea of lavender:

Scenic shots:

Then me and the kids,

and the kids with Daddy and the silly lavender scarecrows.

After lots of exploring we were ready to go home.  While K and I sat down and waited for T and Daddy to use the restroom, one of the farm owners who was sitting nearby, got up and brought out two kittens for K to hold.

Then, when T joined us, he was thrilled to hold one, too.  They were such mellow cats and didn't mind being handled.

It was a memorable end to a lovely day.


Anonymous said...

Nice skirt, Rena! The kittens are my favorite part of the post - so fluffy and sleepy. The fields are beautiful, too.

- Anonymous K

Dana said...

Such beauty, Rena! I could almost see the breeze in the lavender fields. (And guess what: I'm wearing that same skirt today!Thanks, K.)