Thursday, August 18, 2011

10 things to make me smile

1. The splotchy tear stains left on my shirt by a 3 year old who needed comfort after a particularly big crash.

2.  Noticing that my 6 year old has good leg muscles.

3.  Doing the week's grocery shopping alone after the kids have gone to bed.  On coming out of the bright store into the darkened parking lot, the warmth of the day still radiating off the pavement feels good after the aggressive air conditioning.

4.  In the no-man's land behind the shed a bright petunia from a neighbor's yard has poked through an opening in the fence
and bloomed.

5.  I wish I was, but I'm not one of those people who can toss a little of this and a little of that together to create a new dish.  Yet, I can look at the list of 6 ingredients jotted on a post-it and recreate my mom's beef casserole without using a single measuring cup.

6.  T jerkily going down the stairs as fast as he is able to be the one to open the door for visiting Aunt D.  When he goes upstairs he is now easily able to climb alternating feet, but going down the right foot must always lead.

7.  In the many books she reads, K often comes across words she doesn't know.  She tends to pronounce the long vowel sound where it should be a short vowel and vice versa.  Makes for an interesting visual when she comes to tell me what she learned about the Big Diaper.



9.  bird shadows

10.  "Did you see that the sunflowers are blooming?  Want to come see?" asks K.  She dances next to me as I walk to the volunteer flowers behind the garage.  T tags along, and, "it popped," he chimes in, pointing to a cheery bloom.  Then he asks me, "are they smiling?"
It reminds me of the time when T was about 5 months old, his grandma took him around to see her flowerbeds and he kicked his feet in happiness when she showed him the black-eyed susans. 
I love it that my kids notice flowers.

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