Thursday, September 08, 2011

Storm Brewing

A thunderstorm began developing one evening a couple of weeks ago.

It made for a kind of glowing light on the flowers.

The sunflowers from the previous post had a nice mixture of warm light and shadows that made the yellow pop.

I liked the red light on K's hair, though her smile was a bit nervous because the approaching thunderstorm made her somewhat afraid.

Even if the children didn't think so, it was a beautiful evening.


~Michelle~ said...

That sunflower is so pretty!

Joelle said...

Great pics! I'm eager to know what your first 'row' will be...can you e-mail me to tell me? I've posted about Madeline, and we're doing Ping now - M/TH/F for 2 weeks. It will work out well - next Sat. we celebrate the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival with Idaho Families with Children from Asia!

Dana said...

So dramatic, you have a great eye!

r4i said...

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