Monday, November 07, 2011

October pictures: color and love

The last of the garden produce.  The carrots did well this year.  Tomatoes, which usually we get so much of that I vow to remind B not plant so many the next year, we didn't get nearly as much this season.  It was a cool spring and summer.  This winter I''ll miss having a supply of homemade tomato soup in the freezer.  But these carrots were nice.  Even T, who thought he didn't like carrots, is now a carrot fan.

Our 8th anniversary.  It was cute how excited K was about this day--she always loves the chance for a celebration.  She thought we ought to have our picture taken.  We gave her the camera and I think she did a nice job.  She wanted it to be 'a hugging picture'. 
For our anniversary, B surprised me by arranging for me to have pottery lessons.  I took pottery in college and loved throwing pots on the wheel.  I've always wanted to take another class but have never done it.  It seems 24/7 I have an constant loop playing through my mind of "I didn't get this done like I intended, I still need to do this, this and this."  What a treat to have two hours a week to create and fully concentrate on something else and have that endless to-do list cleared from my mind for awhile.

I wasn't expecting the lavender to rebloom so much this fall, but I liked the contrast with these mystery flowers next to them.

So long, summer, fall's here now.

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Joelle said...

Interesting post! What kind of carrots are those? Interesting to see ones that are a color other than orange. Katya did do a great job getting your picture! Cute! I can soooo relate to the loop playing in your head. It is playing in my head also! Soooo annoying! Glad you are able to go take pottery classes! Fun! I hope you post pictures later of your creations. Oh - happy anniversary! Love the picture of the flower close up with the tree in the background. You take great pictures!