Saturday, February 23, 2013

Lord and Lady -- Updated

I posted these pictures and realized this turned out to be a pretty cryptic post.  These were K and T's Halloween costumes.  I made T's costume out of felt squares and B rigged up a belt for the sword.

I got K's dress from Goodwill and added a ribbon for a belt, and she also got to wear her great-grandma's costume clip earrings.  "My very first earrings!" K exclaimed proudly.

They proudly wore their costumes to a homeschool Reformation party we were invited to.  It's always fun to learn more about the time of the reformers and see all the children in their costumes. 
Unfortunately, this is K and T on Halloween.
Both kids were sick, K especially so, and things were pretty mellow.  T wore his helmet and sword anyway-- here he said he was guarding K-- and he did his part to help answer the door.


Joelle said...

They both look so nice! Was this for a book, or just for fun? Was it Halloween?

Rena said...

Hopefully the updated version answers your questions!