Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Pumpkin Patch

In early October we took a field trip with a homeschooling group to the pumpkin patch.  Here are some pictures from our day there.
I took this first picture in a hurry because most of the children had picked their pumpkins and it was time to get back on the hay ride.  Some friends were near us, but M was in a longstanding Highly Suspicious of New People phase, hence the baleful stare.
Tall kids.
It took a few tries, but we were able to get M to go put her face through one of the openings like big brother and sister.
The kids always love climbing on this tractor.
Another fun farm play structure.
Putting pieces of bark in the truck, one by one.  Or maybe she was taking them out.
Figuring out the tire swing.
Not pictured, but there was also an educational pumpkin talk (a homeschooling family runs this farm), a petting zoo visit, and lunch with fresh pumpkin donuts and apple cider.  Yum!
It was a lovely day in the country.  We've enjoyed going to this pumpkin patch every year for several years now.

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Joelle said...

What a fun pumpkin patch! Love the photo showing their heights. They are tall kids! Wonder why? ;)