Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day

Today Katya and I went to visit Brent at work. He had a game after school and wouldn't be back until 11pm so it seemed just too sad that they wouldn't get to see each other on Valentines Day, especially since it would be the third day in a row he wouldn't be home to put her to bed (again). I cut a heart out of white paper and dug up some crayons/colored pencils and put them on the table saying brightly, "Do you want to color a heart to give to Daddy for Valentines Day?"
"Oh... YEAH!" said Katya with enthusiasm, climbing up on a chair. She happily scribbled away on both sides of the heart and carried it all around the house as we got ready to go. She even wanted to bring it into the grocery store where we stopped before visiting Brent and got rather upset when I wouldn't let her bring it in.
She was excited to give Brent the "aart" when she saw him, although she didn't seem to quite understand that she couldn't take it back home again as well. However, Brent had a surprise for her. He had bought some balloons for her and they were a big hit. She played with them while Brent sat eating his lunch and chatting with me.
She is still enthralled with her "boons" and thinks they are her new friends. She talks to them and stands in front of them, singing and clapping her hands.


jennifer said...

cute pix!

Camille still loves "boons" too!

Glad you were able to see Brent on V Day!

Liza's Eyeview said...

Katya is so adorable! I love the way you took the photos with the pink and red balloons.