Friday, February 09, 2007

Sunday Scribbling: Yummy

Yummy has to do with sight and taste and smell. Sound and touch are less important but implied. The word makes me think of an imaginary food, one that was in a book we had at home growing up. A little boy who lived in the clouds hopped onto the rainbow and slid over to rainbow land. While visiting he got to take spoonfuls of the most delicious foods. There was a table full of what looked in the pictures like varieties of rainbow jello. Platters were piled high with shimmering delicacies, each was all sorts of pastel shades. I imagined them tasting like a multi-colored custard of many rainbow flavors.
Since I'll never get to taste those rainbow dishes, I'll content myself with sharing other things I think are yummy.
Yummiest foods: fresh-picked June strawberries, warm from the sun and dripping sweet red juice; dense, gently textured cheesecake that makes a creamy ripping sound as the fork slides through it.
Yummiest colors: the transitory pinks that briefly change the sky at sunrise and sunset; the color peach.
Yummiest place: the tulip gardens in full bloom on a warm sunny Easter Sunday.
Yummiest smell: again gardens--smelling rose after rose, each color has its own flavor; the sweet smell of iris; heliotrope; the daphne that grew in our yard. When these four pointed petal flowers opened and released their fragrance, we knew spring was here.
So of course, the yummiest season is spring--release from winter coats, new colors bursting out all around.
Bonus yummy: walking into the ice cream store and seeing all the bins of yummy ice cream to choose from.


Jennifer said...

I LOVE all your yummy things too! Great list!

Janie Hickok Siess, Esq. said...

Great images. I would love to read that book, but I don't want any jello! :-)

C'mon by and check out my yummies!

gautami tripathy said...

I love all your yummys.

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Gemma said...

MMMM Garden smells!

strauss said...

I loved your yummy sensory walk. Especailly flowers. Boy, at this time of the year, I sure do yearn for some spring colour and fragrance, and I miss the joyful industrious bees.

Recovering Lutheran said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting Write Stuff.

I have been here before . . .as my prior post shows. I try to read all the Sunday Scribblings. So our paths will cross if we both continue participating. Only so much time in the day, so I frequently zip past things that relate to aspects of my life that have now passed such as parenting very young children.

kareen said...

Hmmm... I just got hungry reading all your yummy stuff. I guess there's something about the word yummy...:)