Wednesday, July 16, 2008

4 Months Old!

Likes being held, but dislikes being in one place for long.
Likes his bath, but really dislikes the lotion that comes after.

He loves being near his family. If Katya is playing by him, he will twist as far as he can go to watch her. If Brent is doing something nearby, it is so cute to see Tobiah's look of pure delight when Brent pauses to smile and talk to little T.

I have the impression that Tobiah has a dim realization that he was born into a family where everyone is older than he is--and he is in a rush to figure out what everyone is doing and master the skills necessary to participate.

He began rolling from back to front at three months which was a shock to me as Katya didn't start rolling until five months. However, once he found himself on his tummy he couldn't figure out how to coordinate his motions to flip from his tummy back to his back. Within a few moments he was one frustrated baby. This even carried over to the night time. He would roll himself over during the night and then wake himself (and everyone else) with his wails of frustation. Thankfully, he is just finally starting to figure out this skill. It still takes several tries and some anguished desperation before he is successful, but at least he isn't always so stressed out about being on his tummy. In fact, a few times now, I've found him sleeping on his tummy and then I'm the one who gets a bit stresed.


Nydia said...

Aawww... So sweet! He's so gorgeous, look at that smile! I remember when Lucas was a little 4-months-old baby... So cute they are... And how fasttime flies!! LOL
Congratulation for this sweetie.
Kisses from Nydia.

Mindy said...

What a cute picture! T looks so happy. I know mastering those skills can be so frustrating. But what an accomplishment when they finally achieve those goals. Whew!