Saturday, July 19, 2008

Curious, Lost & Ball Keeper

1. T used to lay passively flat against my shoulder when I held him upright. Now he twists around to the front to see what I'm doing or where I'm going.

2. At a Baby & Me class that K, T and I attended recently, there was a 13 month old girl with red curly hair and large light blue eyes who couldn't find her mother. Her mom had been sitting near us while the little one played in the room but then moved to a different spot to talk to another mom. The little red head came back to where her mom had been and slowly turned from face to unfamiliar face, looking more and more sad. I wanted to shout for the mother but the room was very noisy and I didn't know her name. I was nursing T and couldn't easily get up. I asked K if she would take the little girl to her mother. K processed this request for long moments. This little girl lost her mother? Kids can lose their mothers? At last, just as the small girl was beginning to dissolve into fear and despair, the mother saw her, called out to her daughter and held out her arms to her. The little girl cried and cried in her arms. The rest of the day, K kept talking about the little girl who lost her mother and I reassured her that her mom had found her again.

3. I set T in the bouncy seat outside while I did some quick yard work. K, meanwhile, tossed and bounced her ball. After a bit she came over to "help" me. I looked over at T and he was contentedly sitting there, K's ball resting on his tummy.