Friday, October 17, 2008

God is Good

I am so excited. I've got lots of posting to do to catch up, but I just have to quickly share this.

Matt and Ginny had their baby! Happy dance!!

When I went through my miscarriage, somehow I came across 99 Balloons, a deeply moving video . Later, I found Eliot, Matt's blog. Very powerful and meaningful words. They helped me much.

Now I am so thrilled that their new arrival is safely here and they've started a new blog!

I will try to catch up on my own posts soon.


Mindy said...


Thanks so much for sharing that. I had known they were expecting, but hadn't been checking the Eliot blog regularly. Now I've read some of the new blog, and I am so glad I have. And so thrilled with their new arrival! Thanks again...what a road they've traveled, huh?

Liza's Eyeview said...

Oh my - how did I miss this? I guess I am slacking on visiting my bloggy friends. Thank you for posting this. This news makes me happy!