Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Ages ago, Mindy tagged me to do this meme where you list seven quirky things about yourself, then tag five others to do the same. So before November completely slips away without a single posting, here goes..
1.) Whenever I peel an orange I remember when I was a girl my best friend's mom exhorting the two of us that the white stuff inside the peel is good for you when you're pregnant.
2.) I'm proud of myself for making two Martha Stewart recipes in the last months. A salmon salad and cowboy cookies. Both were quite simple or I never would have attempted them. I think Martha's recipes look soo good but they intimidate me. The ones I made were delicious, by the way. Keepers.
3.) You know the prep/cook time that is often listed at the beginning of a recipe? I usually have to figure it will take me quite a bit longer than what it says.
4.) Because I live in a long house, it takes a couple of rings for me to make it to the phone. But even if I'm standing right there, I often let it ring an extra time.
5.) I've had Johnny Cash's song Hurt going through my head for the last week.
6.) When eating rolls, muffins or cupcakes, I always eat the bottom half first.
7.) In the last 8 1/2 months I've been on time getting somewhere maybe 4 times.

So, now I tag Dana, Jennie, Joelle, Michelle, Liza, and anyone else who wants to try this!
Oh, and I also wanted to mention this post--I love Nonizamboni's quirks!


Mindy said...

Way to go on the Martha Stewart recipes! I'm impressed. :)

Anonymous said...

Re: #5 -- I know why! :)

- Kecia