Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Winter Sights

As we flew into the sprawling metropolis of Minneapolis for our layover, details of the area became visible--a city hugged by winter. Roofs were blanketed by snow, side streets looked like they'd not be too fun to drive on--still white with brown tire marks. As we passed over the city I looked down and saw an outdoor skating rink. Lots of people gliding over the ice. I wondered at these hardy souls--we'd been told the temperature was 1 degree.

While Brent stayed home with the kids, I got to take a midday walk! A fresh layer of snow covered everything--the white of the roads and fields filled up the eyes. One open field of white and winter silhouetted trees against dark blue cloud undersides.

Nearly every late afternoon a flock of birds gathers on the telephone wire across the street. One day I counted 53 of them.

One day was especially dark and foggy and a thick frost had settled in, coating all. We had to make a trip to a nearby town and as we drove, the fog broke up, the sky became clear and all was blue sky, thick white frost and snow. All the sagebrush, every blade of grass and every tree branch was coated in brilliant white.

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~Michelle~ said...

Beautiful descriptions and I love the photograph of the tree shadow, lovely!