Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snippets of My Day

I usually have a little volunteer to help when I do laundry. Perhaps one of the "benefits" of being a stay-home mom is we must take a moment to watch the water fill up, not closing the lid until the washer starts to agitate.

Whatever I'm doing, there's an 80% chance one or both kids are right there with me, if not underfoot, almost certainly in the same room.
I get to witness little scenes likes this:
    I liked how everybody was gathered in a circle around the Baby Jesus (probably more the way it really was, rather than the semi-circle you see in all the pictures).
    Then when I walked by a few minutes later, I saw that everyone had been turned to look out the window. K had also added some of her Noah's Ark animals after seeing there were lots of animals in other manger scenes I was setting up around the house.
Whenever I start humming a song, the 3 year old asks "What song are you singing?"
Moments of silence can make me suspicious.
Little did I guess how changing a diaper could be such an athletic experience. I'd heard of gals who learned to change diapers while the little one stood and thought "I'll never resort to that". Now that seems a useful skill. As I try to keep squirmy T flat long enough to get him changed, I sometimes think of that rodeo event where they pin and rope a calf as fast as possible.
When I put T down for bed or a nap, I try not to make too many plans for what I'll during the duration of his sleep time as it's inevitable that the more plans I have, the more wakeful he is.

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Mindy said...

I love your description of changing T's diapers! That's it, exactly. It's an all-out wrestling match here, too. Great post!