Friday, March 20, 2009


Today is finally the first day of spring. Such a long winter it was. In mid-December we got a hefty helping of snow, and instead of melting or evaporating as it usually does in this area, it hung on for months. The piles would start to shrink, then we'd get another layer. It stayed cold for a long time.
We were stuck inside so much. Often there would be bright sunny days, but with a nippy cold wind. I didn't want to take K and T out in that, especially as they both had persistent sniffles. Plus, it was just hard to go out in the cold with T not walking yet.

Here's a recent picture of one our ventures outside, K giving me a funny look as she rode past on her tricycle:

Last fall K helped me plant lots of tulip bulbs in the flower garden. Along about February she started announcing "When winter melts, the tulips will come up." And: "Are the tulips going to come up tomorrow?" Even she seemed to notice it was a long winter. Now the tulips have started coming up, looking like a small army of green soldiers, and she explains how when they get taller, they will have color on top.

In this time of brown inbetweeness, I've been perusing the flower catalogues for a color fix and to pick some replacements for blank spots in the flower garden. Here are my top choices (so far):

Savia Sensation Rose

Salvia Marcus
Penstemon Veronica Crater Lake Blue

But for now, it is so nice to have warmer days and new green life sprouting.

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~Michelle~ said...

Yaaa Spring!