Friday, April 03, 2009

Day's Notes (Catch Up)

1. There is a break from cold blowy weather and we go outside. Tobiah's in the stroller, Katya rides her tricycle, and we take a walk around the block. A chattery boy who lives down the street catches up to us and tags along for awhile. We get to a hill that is too much for K and he hops off his bike and pushes her and her trike up. All the while he warns her of a muddy spot at the top of the hill, which judging by its tracks and imprints has made intimate acquaintance with him already.
When we get home K says "I don't know who was following me!"

2. When B gets home from work, he sits down on the couch to take off his boots. T rushes over and tries to climb his legs, smiling and laughing. K, who is watching, says "Tobiah is enjoying Daddy!"

3. K going up for the children's sermon all by herself.


Ami said...

She is getting to be so grown up! I love the image of the little boy pushing her up the hill and warning her about the mud puddle - such chivalry!

Joelle said...

Great stories! I am sooo ready for Audrey to go up to the children's messages on her own! We are not there yet - not even close. Tried one week -- Mooooommeeee!!!! is what happened. Maybe by the time she turns 4.

Mindy said...

Those are precious. I love 'em!