Monday, November 30, 2009

Summer Bits of Beautiful

So much for keeping this blog better updated! Before yet another month has slipped by, I'll finish a post of daily notes I've jotted down which has been languishing in draft form for months now. These are some moments from last summer. I'll post fall's tomorrow.


--K as we make the bed: "The sheets are blowing bubbles!"

--K needs some help snapping and zipping her jeans, but curls into a ticklish ball when I try to snap the button.

--The intrepid couple that rides by at a brisk clip on their matching Schwin bicycles when the weather is nice.


--K, after eating a radish from the garden: "I can't get my tongue to stop prinkling!"

--K's being pokey eating her breakfast, so she finishes alone while I take care of other things, T following me about the house. I'm in the middle of a chore when I hear an urgent little voice calling out from across the house: 'I'm cleaning it up!'. When this computes, I drop what I'm doing and hurry back to the dining room to find K's cereal bowl has been overturned and she is frantically dabbing at the largish spill with her little drenched napkin.

--The rain has stopped, so it looks like the town parade is going to happen after all. The father pulls his daughter in the wagon to go see it. They both wear their yellow raincoats. The daughter has her hood up, so from behind she looks like a little yellow muffin riding in a red muffin tin.

--T finding anything and everything to play ball with. Little fallen plums, small rocks. He delights in throwing these "balls" and toddling after them wherever they unpredicably bounce.


--I am still several aisles away, but I can make out K's chirpy voice expounding to her daddy as they grocery shop.

--Late at night, checking that the right windows are open, fans on, blinds shut, etc., I glance out the window and see house lights still on across the street. When I finish my adjustments at that window, I glance out again and see that now all is dark over there.

--When we go outside after dinner, it isn't quite so blazing hot as it has been. K skips around saying "It's lukewarm out!"

--My nightly check includes restoring blankets and stuffed animals to T's crib. All that's left in the crib is himself.

--K as she helped me put wet clothers into the dryer: "I think this is a garage for the washing machine!"


--T must have been really tired tonight. There was only one animal and one blanket thrown overboard out of his crib and his long legged monkey was sprawled over the railing.

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Joelle said...

Great list! Enjoyed all the cute stories about your adorable children! I'll have to send you an e-mail soon so I can get your new address!!