Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Fall Bits of Beautiful

As promised, here are some September through November notes.


--After all is said and done after trying day, when I check on T, he is fast asleep on his back with the monkey his aunt gave him spread out on top of him.

--I love the way a toddler squats down on his haunches to examine something on the floor- the little round curve of his back.

--One evening as I get T into his jammies, K comes into the room to announce "It's just a rainbowy day!"
"Oh?" I ask. It's been months since it's rained, let alone rainbowy weather.
"Yah! The sky is all multicolored and the clouds are all colory!"

--When I shut off the sprinkler, T says "buh-bye" to the extinguishing stream of water.

--T gamely tries to eat spaghetti with his fork while K, meanwhile, wants to eat each noodle individually with her fingers.

--K has an imaginary friend, Klussany. Ingchri-ingchri-duction also occasionally makes an appearance. She says they live in Concludia.

--T loves to eat. One night after plowing through his dinner he looked down at his empty plate and said "uh-oh!"


--K:"I want to sing some more, but I can't think of anymore songs!"

--I get my toothbrush from the holder and T, who is watching me, reaches into the drawer and hands me the toothpaste.

--K: "'Sort of' means 'yeah', but not computely."

--K: There's just too many books to read on one day!" "I feel all bounceivity today!"


--K: "I am T's first friend." (Aww.)

--At one of the houses we look at, I am standing in the back yard and T is running to and fro on the small deck. I hear him stumble and fall. Silence. He lets out a worried "I just fell down and there's no one here!" yell. I call out "are you ok?" "Yeah!" he says bravely, popping up to smile at me over the railing.


Joelle said...

Another great list! Thanks for sharing. We'll have to compare stories on imaginary friends :)

Ami said...

So good to "hear" from you again. I've missed the tidbits from K and T. They're getting so grown up! Love the imaginary friends. :)

~Michelle~ said...

These are so precious, thank you so much for sharing them. Makes me smile and my heart smile!

Dana said...

Rena, it's so fun to read and savor each of these.

Lynne Hix said...

Your entries absolutely delight, but they also bring a flood of memories back to me. Caitlyn created her own vocabulary as well. The one we adapted as a family and still use is "beeber." It means a small nibble of cheese. Origin: "Mom, can I have a beeber of cheese?" C - age 3.