Monday, January 24, 2011

Maryhill Museum

It was nearly the end of summer and we took a day trip to Maryhill Museum. They offer free admission to residents in our county once a year, and we were able to take advantage. It was a beautiful drive through the Columbia River Gorge. I always love that drive (except in the winter, of course). We got there at lunch time and had a nice picnic on the grassy area shaded by large trees. After eating, K made up a little song and dance..
..and T flung himself about on the grass.

Maryhill Museum is a stone mansion built in the 1900s. The builder also collected art and ultimately decided to convert the house into a museum instead of making it a residence. I did not take any pictures inside, and with two little ones who were by far the youngest children present, we toured the building fairly quickly. There was a nice collection of art to see, maybe in a couple years we'll be able to spend more time there. K was fascinated by the map of the building they handed out though; she spent much time wondering about the reason for multiple restrooms on the different floors. She was also impressed by a huge four foot globe in one of the display rooms. This glass sculpture outside seemed to suit her well.

There was also a large modern art structure on the grounds. Below is a picture from the museum website, click on it to enlarge if you can't see it.
The brochure said viewers were free to "interact" with it. So interact the little explorers did.

They really enjoyed all the ins and outs, overs and unders, arounds and throughs.

The museum is situated on a high bluff where there are plenty of places to see out over the gorge. B, the midwestern boy, commented how such views almost didn't look real. Having spent much time on the lovely dry side of Oregon, it looked a lot like home to me. Below, our little Lewis and Clark.

Peacocks lived in another part of the grounds. This one stopped to pose for us, I think he was looking to see if we had anything to feed him.

It was such a lovely trip. We drove back home on the Washington side. A two lane road goes on this side of the gorge and since you're not flying along on the interstate, you are a little closer to the breathtaking views which are just as, if not more beautiful than what you see on the Oregon side.

I love living in an area where such scenery is accessible.

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