Sunday, January 23, 2011

Where have you BEEN?

Good question. Not far, life just got extremely busy and blogging fell low on the priority list. I wanted to get back into it, but had fallen so far behind I didn't know if I could ever catch up and didn't know if anyone would be interested anyway. Then things stabilized somewhat and I remembered that life is moving so quickly that if I don't get a record of it down somewhere, there is much I will forget as it all blurs together into the past. It's kind of strange to put aspects of your life out there on the internet, but it's also fun to put words and pictures together and then be published! I've begun working on posts-- brief snapshots of the various things we'd been up to in the last months. It's felt kind of good to come back to my little blog, to open that New Post tab with its blank possibilities. And I discovered that now there's a stats tab where you can view a record of the traffic to your blog. I'd always avoided installing that sort of thing on my blog before as I knew it would raise more questions than answers, and I didn't want my checking on the traffic flow to become more important than what I wanted to say. I can't quite decipher all the information the stats tab gives, but one thing is clear-- someone or people are still checking my blog. That was a surprise. I rather imagined Little Voices as alone and abandoned in the outer reaches of the blogosphere, shriveling into nothingness from disuse.

So it's taken awhile, but I've got a number of posts I'm throwing together recording the last months that I'll publish in the next days. If you're not interested in the ancient history of August-December 2010, ignore all this. I'll try to have more current postings soon. Though my blog stopped, K and T have not. If anything, they are more active than ever. I'll try to keep posting bits of daily life for my few gentle readers that may be interested and as a place to keep some of my own memories.

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Ami said...

Glad you're back! :)