Tuesday, January 31, 2012

December-January Pictures

We had a good what used to be called hoar frost in early December.  My little unsophisticated camera focused on the wrong part of the picture, but I still like the effect.

The kids like to play with manger scenes.  One day I walked past the Christmas tree and noticed all the figures standing in confusion and a toy dog of T's inserted in.

After a dry, practically snowless winter we finally had a Big Snow (for us) a couple weeks ago.

T loves to help shovel.  He's got the basic mechanics down pretty well.  He so wanted to help and shoveled in random places, usually making more of a mess.  In spite of the falling snow he kept at it, determined to help.  In some years I think he'll inherit his dad's strength and economy of motion--so we'll have two formidable shovelers in the family!

This next picture was taken a few days after our snow.  It was early in the morning before the kids had had a chance to go outside when I looked out and noticed the hand prints on the table.  Not sure how they got there--with the snow the kids had worn big mittens when they went out to play on the previous days.  Even if they took them off to lay their hands on the table, I wonder why they didn't show up till the next morning.

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