Monday, March 26, 2012

toothles wonder

Two days after her seventh birthday, K lost another front tooth.  It had been ready to come out for a few days.  We were at homeschool co-op and K just couldn't stop wiggling it during the class I teach.  It was literally hanging by the proverbial thread.  Finally, after the session was over, I asked her if she wanted me to pull it out.  To my surprise, she said yes.  Just a gentle tug, and it was out.  Another mom found a plastic baggie for the tooth and the rest of the day, K kept asking me if I still had it.
She looks so different with both front teeth gone.  She'll look even more different when both permanent teeth have grown in.  Sniff.

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joelle said...

Wow! I just showed Audrey. She thought it was interesting. A still has only lost the bottom 2 teeth. None other loose. That is okay, though. I didn't loose any teeth until I was almost 7!! Is she enjoying getting money for her teeth? Always exciting.