Monday, July 30, 2012

Kids and Food

1.  A recent thunderstorm in the night.  K sleeps through it completely (surprisingly), but T is curled up in the corner of his bed with Puppy draped over his head-- keeping him safe, says T.

2.  We got K a cute Hello Kitty clock for her birthday a few years ago, but every night we've had to face it to the wall because the glow in the dark numbers were "scary".  However, K recently rediscovered these glowing markings and now wants the clock facing out so she can watch them.  Now she can also see when it's 7 am-- the time I've told her it's ok to get up in the morning.  So for the last several days, she's come blinking downstairs precisely at the stroke of 7.

3.  Eating our fill of blueberries.  Me and the kids went picking a couple weeks ago, and the berries were plentiful.  *We* picked three quarts in just under 45 minutes.  They were so good to snack on.  I only made one recipe (delicious blueberry pancakes) and didn't freeze any.  We just enjoyed having them on our cereal in the mornings, mixing them into fruit salads for lunch, grabbing a small handful in a low blood sugar moment.

4.  It looks to be a good tomato year.  I'm already starting to get a wee bit overwhelmed by the amount coming in from the garden.

T said Puppy wanted a snack, too.

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