Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Welcome, Little One

Margaret Alene

This is the new baby girl we welcomed to our family on March 14!

This is the big sister who asks to hold her, and with a tender smile says "I love baby Margaret."  (Though she does wonder when the baby will learn to talk.)
This is the little brother-- now a big brother, too-- who offers his blankets and toys to comfort the small one.

This is the first daffodil in our yard to bloom-- choosing to open on the day of baby M's birth.

This is the baby, one week old.  Baby of a perpetually befuddled and searching expression-- what is this place she now finds herself?

This is the family, now five.
"We're her favorite giants!" says brother T.  "She loves us the best."



Dana said...

The long awaited post! Fun to see the kids being sooo gentle. She was born into the lovingest family.

Joelle said...

This made my heart smile :)

What a beautiful family you have!!

Lots of love and hope for sleep!

Joelle :)

Anonymous said...

What a great quote that you are her favorite giants! So wonderful to see this post - and finally a photo of you!

- Anyonymous K