Wednesday, September 25, 2013

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Baby M has had lots of stretches where she's not good at napping.  We're in one of them now.  Probably because she's transitioned to her crib, and no longer in Mama and Daddy's room.  Not napping makes for one cranky baby.  After a day of trying to (re)teach her to nap, along with teaching homeschooling lessons and squeezing in a load of laundry, I just had to put her on her blanket and tell her Mama needs to make dinner now.  Listening to her wail while I grimly made dinner as fast as I could, I suddenly heard K's cheerful chirp:  "oh, how wonderful!"
I looked over and saw that K, whose been into making crowns lately, had made one for Baby M and crowned her as the World's Best Baby.

I had to stop and laugh amidst the chaos.  See those tiny tears?  Poor baby.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, she is so dear, even through the tears!

- Anonymous K