Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Outside Creations

This is another catch-up post that I meant to publish last summer.
The kids spent a lot of time playing outside.  Every once in awhile I'd come upon some little arrangement they'd worked on.  I especially liked the flower arrangements K made with weeds and discarded flowers from when I'd deadhead flowerbeds here and there.

T also kept his trucks busy.  When he went inside for lunch, it would look just like an abandoned construction site.

One day, K and T worked together to create this interesting creature:

Other times there would be something innocuous but mysterious such as a bucket with rocks on the bottom and half-filled with water.

Another day, trying to be helpful, they pulled up a weed from a neighbor's property, then decided it must be kept alive.  They put it in a bucket of water, K found an old dirty rag for decoration and carefully placed it on the picnic table.  They were careful to keep the pail filled with water, and the weed actually lived and flourished for a couple days.

You never know what kind of scenes you'll come upon when you have kids with fertile imaginations and plenty of time to play outside.

Finally, this last picture is not something the kids made, but is something that happened when they left a hula hoop laying out on the patio.  A quail family with chicks came by to munch on our birdseed, and it came time for the babies to nap.  I thought it was really cute that they chose to sleep safe inside the hula hoop, while Mama rested but on guard nearby.


Dana said...

I wonder if similar bouquets used to appear in Milwaukie when her mom was little?

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful. Such an evocative post.

- Anonymous K

Joelle said...

I've been checking your blog but forgetting to comment - sorry! I loved all these photos and stories - so cute! Again I wish that we lived closer together and our girls could play - they seem to have a very similar style of imagination and play!