Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Contrary and Almost

I was assembling some shelves while Tobiah played with his Legos nearby.  As I worked, I kept waiting for him to come over and "help".  Nothing.  If I were Brent, he'd be all over this, I thought.  Something about Mom doing the building must make it less interesting.  Finally, he did make one comment. 
"Where'd you get the screwdriver?"
I must add though, that when it came time to lift the shelves, he came over to help and wanted to put the finishing screw tops on for me.
Margaret wants me to pick her up.  A lot.  She's definitely been the most clingy of the three.  Trouble is, she's getting h-e-a-v-y.  Sometimes I feel like the scene in Princess Bride where Fezzik carries a recovering-from-being-mostly-dead Westley through the castle.
But she is getting so close to walking.  She does a lot of standing without holding on to anything and takes a few steps, even.  It's so cute that often she does a sliding sidestep instead of walking forward.  It's all about confidence.  I think the days of hearing the slap slap of her hands as she crawls across the floor are coming to an end.

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