Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Snippets from December

I'm going to see if I can get this blog a bit caught up.  No promises on how long this will take!  This post is one I put together in December.  However, things went topsy-turvy and I never published it.  So here it is now, a bit of winter cheer!
~ K and T's squeals of happiness when I put out the box of Christmas books.  With shouts of "I remember this one!" and "Ohh, this one is my favorite!" they pull out their favorite titles.  The brief silence that ensues as they settle on the couch and turn pages.
~ We had a little bit of snow one morning in December.  Beautifully fascinating.  This picture was taken on December 21, 2013:
The kids standing at the window reminded me of a similar scene almost exactly 5 years earlier, on December 13, 2008:
~ I often had the radio turned to NPR's classical station in the mornings as we got ready for the day.  I loved how every year, Robin Rilette played John Michael Talbot's The Birth of Jesus Christmas cantata a couple weeks before Christmas, and  I was hoping I wouldn't miss it this year.  I didn't!  I happened to hear it just starting when I turned on the radio one morning, and I turned it up loud so I could hear it as I moved from room to room.  About halfway through, K and T drifted in, camped themselves in front of the speakers and listened intently to the rest of the broadcast.
Stay tuned for a few more catch-up posts.  FIAR posts could be awhile yet, though.

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