Wednesday, June 18, 2014

T's Sayings

This son of mine is all boy-- a blur of energy and noise.  And the more tired he is, the faster and louder he is.  But he also possesses keen observational skills, and has a tender emotional perceptiveness.
 I've collected some of his recent sayings from past months..

~ As he ate breakfast one dark morning, he watched a lone, small bird sitting absolutely still near the birdfeeder.  "The junco is waiting patiently for the sun to come up so he can eat his breakfast."

~ "I'm so happy, I'll wear my biggest smile.  Maybe it will go past a smile and I'll start to cry."

~ Asking me about my frequent visits to my mom during her illness:  "Are you going to see Grandma a lot because she's sick?  And because she's your mom?"

~ He (finally) very successfully reads through a story without stumbling so much that he gets himself upset and frustrated.  I tell him how proud I am of him.
"Well, don't be too proud.  I've heard something bad will happen to you if you're proud."

~ With a big sigh as he takes his shoes off after coming home from a sleepover:  "I'm so glad and so sad to be home."

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Dana said...

Priceless! What a thinker.