Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Porch Moment

Katya and I sat out on the front step this evening as we waited for B to come home. At least, I sat. Katya started out sitting, then got up, walked around, came back, discovered that the concrete felt nice and warm on her tummy when she laid down on the step, then started the process over.
Then she sat for awhile and took her sandals off. She fussed when she couldn't get them back on, so I helped her and she promptly took the sandals back off. This went on for awhile.
Then it was time to walk around again. She found a nice pile of weeds that had been wilting in the sun for a day or two and squatted down to investigate. She carefully picked one weed out of the pile and with furrowed brow, brought it over and laid it down on the step next to me. Then with quick little half steps, back to the pile. Carefully and deliberately pick out a weed and bring it to the front step. This went on for some time. Some of the weeds were quite tall and she had to hold them up higher as she carried them. But carry them she did, and the pile next to me kept growing. Sometimes the leaves she picked up would disintegrate in her hand and she watched as they floated away on the breeze.
She didn't get the whole pile moved because Daddy came home and it was time to go in and make dinner. But I'm sure that if she comes across that pile tomorrow, she'll pick up (no pun intended :]) where she left off and keep transferring it bit by bit.

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jenniferf said...

Hi Fellow blogger! I am sooo glad that you caught the blogger bug! It is FUN!
I remember moments like these with Camille when she was 18 months old, the wonderment that they have at this age is fascinating! I remember these times as my happiest & most contented with Miss Camille. Cherish these.. time goes by way too fast!