Saturday, October 31, 2009

We've Moved!

We now live in Washington! Brent started a new job, and for what seemed like a reeally long haul (a couple of months), he was working in one state while the kids and I stayed behind in another as the house was on the market and sold. We were really blessed in that we were able to get it sold in a comparatively short time, though there were some bumps along the way. But thankfully, the deal is now closed and here we all are in a new state. We've been together here a little over a week and still surrounded by boxes, but now that we have internet access again I can start getting caught up on my blogging and visiting my bloggy friends and favorite sites again. I'm looking forward to getting everything put in its place--deciding what gets unpacked here and what goes into storage until we find a home to buy and figuring out how to navigate this area. I know we will like it here, we already do, though it is so different from our home in Idaho. The first morning K woke up in the new house she looked around as if she didn't know where she was and I told her, "You look like you're still getting used to this house." Every day after that she told me she was "still getting used" as she wandered around the mounds of boxes. I think we will all be "getting used" for awhile, but we are so glad to be here.


Ami said...

How exciting, Rena! I wondered if something was up by the wording of your previous post. Glad to hear you're all together again, and I look forward to hearing from you again. :)

Mindy said...

Wow, that's great! I'm so glad that everything worked out, and that you're feeling good about the change. I'm curious about just what part of WA... ;)

~Michelle~ said...

Congratulations on your move!