Monday, March 14, 2011

Birthday Girl

Somebody turned six!  We did a rainbow theme for K's birthday this year.  Around St. Patrick's Day last year, this recipe for rainbow cupcakes was published in our local newspaper.  K saw the pictures and wanted these cupcakes for her next birthday.  A year later she hadn't forgotten about them and was eager to help me make them.  Basically all you do is make a white cake recipe, divide the batter into six parts, then add food coloring to each bowl.  It was fun to watch the colors mix into the batter.

She asked me to stop and take a picture of the orange too:

A rainbow of cake batter:

The finished product.  The colors turn out much brighter after the cupcakes are baked.  They are actually quite intense.

She loved them.  We put up some rainbow decorations around the room and she was thrilled with her "rainbowy party".


Dana said...

You were right about those intense hues! The color mixes remind me of dyeing Easter eggs. And remembering a recipe a year later? Reminds me of a certain Auntie...

Lily said...

so colourful and what a great idea - we did momething like that for a football game, with green muffins and yellow frosting :)

~Michelle~ said...

Wow, what great colors! Happy 6th!