Tuesday, August 23, 2011


K:  I'm a goldfinch,
      T's a starling,
      you're a dove,
      and Daddy's a quail!

The first thing T says one morning:  I'm bigger but K wants me to be small.

K and T are looking out a window together.
K:  Look at the tree and make a wish.  It's a Sweetgum tree and the leaves are shaped like stars.  What do you wish for?  That you could fly?  For a sewing machine, or something like that?
T:  No.

With a great beating of wings, the quail family scatters and flies away when T unexpectedly comes around the corner.  In a soothing voice he coos, "Oh, I'm sorry, birds!  But you scared me, too!  But I still love you!"

T's been in bed and absolutely quiet for a good while.  Then a soft humming of "Joyful, Joyful" and all is still again.

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