Thursday, August 25, 2011

Swimming Lessons

Some photos from swimming lessons this summer. 
We enrolled them together in a private class.  Expensive, but worth it.  When I told K she would be having lessons in a different pool than the year before, she said, "Good.  The first pool was a little scary."  Both kids did really well.  K, especially, seemed to get much more comfortable with the water.  T, a little less so, but he definitely learned a lot. 

Waiting for their lesson to start

K volunteering an answer at the little talk they have at the beginning of the lesson

Practicing frog kicks

Blowing bubbles.  If the kids had trouble, a technique the teacher used was to cup her hands for the kids to blow bubbles into.  Much less intimidating than sticking your face in the pool.


Up to her ears.  K demonstrating how she could go down in the water and get her ears in the water.

It was Sports Day, so all the teachers were wearing costumes.

Since it was the last day of swimming lessons, they also got to take a ride on the red hippo mat.

Petting the resident dog.  T was thrilled about this.  Every now and again, the dog would wander around the pool and utterly distract T.  He couldn't take his eyes off it.  Just as we were getting ready to leave on the last day, the dog sat down near the pool and the kids got to pet its curly fur.


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